Creating opportunity and employment

The future of work is complicated, but we like to keep it simple. We believe if we solve for women, we solve for everyone. This is our opportunity to blow up "work" and redefine it in a way that works for everyone.

Our Innovation Challenge consists of community-based teams that are charged with a specific future of work challenge to solve for, provided with a framework for innovative ideation, and given a roadmap to prototype, test and validate their ideas.  The process is guided by a facilitator and, when completed, participants will be assigned coaches to help them successfully implement and amplify their solutions.

Women who take part leave with the knowledge and framework to then go out and replicate the approach again within their communities, their homes, their workplaces.  They will have the tools and mindsets they need to create solutions for the future of work for all of us. 

Whether you want to participate or partner we want to hear from you!