The future of work is here


Increases in automation mean we are rapidly entering a time of fewer jobs for more people. 

Women, who already face bias in the workplace, a wage gap, the added responsibilities of home and family, are in real danger of being left behind.

But this time of great change also brings with it unprecedented opportunity.  Opportunity to rewrite the rules of what it means to be a woman who works.  To create new prospects for women that previously didn't exist - from the board room to the factory floor.

It is our time to rewrite the rules, and write a new story of equality and success for all women.

"There has never been a time of greater promise or potential peril"


-Professor Klaus Schwab, Founder & Chairman World Economic Forum

Our time is now


When you join Her Future Work, you'll become part of an action-oriented community of women working to create opportunity and change for all of us.  We do this by seeing the possibilities, learning the skills of the future, and creating opportunity for ourselves and for each other.

Slack Social Network

Our online community where you can meet, get advice, and network with other women conquering the future of work.

Innovation Challenge

Collaborate with other women to change the world.


Local get-togethers to connect likeminded women for solutionizing and socializing.

Jobs Board

Coming soon.

Workshops & Webinars

Forums to learn the skills of the future and activate your new connections.

Annual Summit

Coming soon.

Future-proof yourself

Opportunity is not being handed to us. We must work together to create it for ourselves.


In order to be successful at the future of work we need to master the three critical skills. This involves a change in mindset, ongoing learning, and an active focus on community.


the possibilities

By seeing problems as possibilities we create opportunities where previously there were only roadblocks.


skills of the future

Rapid change means everyone will need to continuously learn new skills. This will level-set the workforce, providing women with an opportunity to step in where others have failed to keep up.



Jobs, ideas, and capital are found through your community. Build your network to create opportunity for yourself and for the women around you.

Our mission


Her Future Work is an action platform for women to start solving for the future of work within their communities.  Only by bringing together an intersectionality of women can we come up with the truly innovative ideas we need to solve for the future of work for all of us.

Today's system of work was designed for men, by men. Now imagine if the way we work was redesigned for women, by women.

Work would provide financial security and personal fulfillment.  We would be supported instead of penalized for spending time with our family. We would be paid what we are worth, and the glass ceiling wouldn't exist.

Together, we will do this.  

Join our community of action-oriented women determined to create a future that works for all women.